Friday, April 10, 2009

Synergy - "Games" (1979)

Artist: Synergy
Album: Games
Label: Passport Records
Year: 1979
Genre: Progressive Electronic

01 - Side A ("Delta Two"/"Delta Four"/"Delta One")
02 -
Side B ("Soundcheck: Delta 3"/"Delta 3/A"/"Delta 3/B"/"Delta 3/C"/"Delta 3/D"/"Delta 3/E")

"Games certainly is playful, starting off with complex melodies and syncopated percussion on "Delta Two." "Delta Four" is a mix of swiftly running melody and slower, lower-key atmosphere, while "Delta One" and "Delta 3/F" (notice a pattern here?) sound like they might have started the techno movement all by themselves. Synergy seems to have a certain common thread running through each album; with Games that thread is very nearly out-and-out rock & roll. But there is a moment here and there for Larry Fast's more orchestral, cinematic work to come through, notably on "Delta 3/C." Synergy was a pioneer of electronic music, and with recordings like Games, it's easy to see why. Unlike many of its successors, this music has heart." --Genevieve Williams

Found this one at the new Burlington Records store. Definitely pretty cheesy in parts, but it has its moments. Definitely for the analog synth freaks only.



  2. Perfect Explanation about this magnific Pearl of Sinth Sound!
    Larry Fast is a monster of sinthetyzer and he has
    got a big feeling for music!

  3. this album is pure genius! Favorite from my teenage years. It never looses it's freshness!

  4. Olinto:

    ¡Thank you very much! it's a great album, part of the sound track of my life, thank's again.

    Regards from México