Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grasslung/Pulse Emitter - Split EP (2008)

Artist: Grasslung & Pulse Emitter
Album: Split EP
Label: Phaserprone
Year: Drone
Genre: Ambient/Drone

01 - Pulse Emitter "Untitled" (13:33)
02 - Grasslung "Untitled" (9:02)
03 - Grasslung "Untitled" (6:50)

"Three long tracks of Analog Modular synth, made in accordance with the winged eye of the oval."

Gorgeous album of analog synth drones. Originally released in January in a limited run of 200 beautifully packaged CD's, this album is now sadly out of print and not available to order from Phaserprone. If you are able to come across a copy, I highly suggest buying it.

(RS Link in comments)


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  2. this label is pretty neat. love the limited runs of course, this is some soupy synth goodness.

  3. this is a beautiful release, support!

  4. If anyone is interested and looking for a physical copy -- Other Music NYC, Tomentosa, Fusetron, and Aquarius should all still have some.

  5. oh and thanks for the nice words!

  6. I am going to remove the link on this one because I didn't realize that resellers still had this for sale. Do yourself a favor and buy this album--the music and packaging is about as perfect as it gets for a CD release.

  7. Can you put this link back up? everywhere i've been is out of it, and i'd really like to hear it