Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marble Sky - "Some Laughing Afterwards" (2009)

Artist: Marble Sky
Album: Some Laughing Afterwards
Label: Agents of Chaos (Callow God)
Year: 2009
Genre: Ambient/Drone

01 - Side A ("11:13 am"/"Sunday")
02 -
Side B ("Sunburned Walking Most of the Day"/"The Slouching Pole")

Please note: I typically wouldn't post an album that is so new (just came out this month), but it was a limited release of only 20 copies with no distro & sold out within hours of being offered for sale. Due to this (and the fact that the music is gorgeous), I feel justified in sharing it. If you like the album, please show your appreciation by ordering other albums from the Callow God/Agents of Chaos label. You won't regret it.

available now, in limited fashion.

AOC7011: marble sky "some laughing afterwards" c20 cs; edition of 20.

this release contains: for side a, two 'outakes' for live radio performance, recorded in studio, from the frigid winter of 2008. pacing slowly, rich tones, that draw and settle, ascension but not reaching the top. the b side presents two pieces, recently recorded: the first is dinstinct tonal shifts, opening and closing, minimal and warm. secondly some fumbling around on a not-so-well-tuned piano at the chapel. - press release



  2. Holy shit, thanks dude, do you have any other MS stuff apart from the earn split, low god/lady or the sad return?

  3. I have a bunch of other OOP Marble Sky stuff that will be uploaded here soon.

  4. everything marble sky does is immaculate

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