Monday, July 13, 2009

Johnny Thunders - So Alone

Artist: Johnny Thunders
Album: So Alone
Label: Sire/London/Rhino
Year: 1978
Genre: Rock

01 - Pipeline
02 - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
03 - Great Big Kiss
04 - Ask Me No Questions
05 - Leave Me Alone
06 - Daddy Rollin' Stone
07 - London Boys
08 - (She's So) Untouchable
09 - Subway Train
10 - Downtown
11 - Dead Or Alive
12 - Hurtin'
13 - So Alone
14 - The Wizard

Probably best known for his stint as the founding lead guitarist of the glam-punk innovators the New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders also was a prolific solo artist as well as a member of the first "all-junkie band" Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers.

So Alone is Thunders' strongest solo offering, featuring some fierce guitar licks and bratty, bleating vocal styles that wouldn't have sounded out of place had they been recorded ten years later during the heyday of butt-rock. The only difference--Thunders knew his history, and the illusions to early rockabilly and R&B shine through on every track. About as raw, ugly and unpretentious as rock music gets, So Alone is a must own for any fan of late '70s protopunk or just plain dirty rock n' roll.

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